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Welcome to Bethel International Ministries

Matthew 25:35-36 for I was hungry & you gave Me food; I was thirsty & you gave Me drink; I was a stranger & you took Me in; I was naked & you clothed Me; I was sick & you visited Me; I was in prison & you came to Me.”

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Bethel International Ministries is a Non-Profit 501(C)3 Organization based in Houston TX, dedicated to giving a smile to a hungry child for a better tomorrow by provinding food, tuition fee, medical services, clothings, guidance and counselling in Nakuru, Kenya. BIM was founded for the purpose for helping children orphaned by the ravages of AIDS, poverty and civil strife. It began as one woman’s calling and desire to help others. It has become a mission of hope, faith, and unselfish love.

I never thought it would ever be possible for me to go to school like other children but when I got a sponsor, I was able to get enrolled. I have progressed well with my education, last term, I was the 10th out of 146 pupils in our class, but I am working very hard to be number one! My favorite subject is Math and I know I can have a bright future.”
Duncan WACHIRA, I want to be a Doctor

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